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The Association for Future Healthcare Executives (AFHE) is a student organization at The Ohio State University dedicated to promoting the educational and ethical development of personal, professional, and social skills in a manner that will enhance the attainment of an effective leadership position in health services organizations. The purposes of the organization are to 

1. Foster a spirit of connection among fellow graduates, alumi/ae, and current students of AFHE
2. Serve in extending knowledge of the aims and achievements of AFHE to current students and alumi/ae in the region
3. Influence outstanding, aspiring health care leaders to be a part of the AFHE organization 
4. Promote the interest of all current members and alumni/ae in the academic and extracurricular activities through AFHE 
5. Represent the interests of AFHE in the region 
6. Cooperate with faculty to strengthen the AFHE and encourage the establishment of new members 
7. Promote and encourage communication between AFHE and its alumni/ae residents in the area. 

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